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Little Marion Parker

Song: Little Marion Parker
Lyrics: Carson Robison

Music: Carson Robison
Year: 1927 or early 1928(6)
Genre: Ballad
Country: USA

Away out in California
Lived a family bright and gay.
There were planning for their Christmas
Not very far away.

When along came a murderous stealer
With a heart as hard as stone,
Took little Marian Parker(7)
Away from friends and home.

He took her to the movies,
He gave her candy too.
He told her every promise
That he would be kind and true.
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I only want the money
That your daddy can give.
And if he'll give the money
His little child can live.

But late in the evening
She found that he had lied,
For before the evening sunset
The little child had died.
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O there is a great commandment
Thou shalt not kill,
And those who do not heed it
Must suffer unto God's will.

This song should be a warning
To parents far and near.
You can't guide too closely
The ones you love so dear.


1 - Challenge Records lists The Marion Parker Murder, sung by George Holden (John McGhee), and is dated December 29, 1927. It has not been confirmed if this is the same song.

2 - Little Marion Parker was recorded by Vernon Dalhart, on Banner records 7074, March 8, 1928, with the composer listed as "Bill Barrett" which is believed to be a pseudonym for Carson Robison.

3 - Domino Records 0225 released March 9, 1928, has the artists listed a Vernon Dalhart and C. Robison.

4 - Grey Gull records #4237 released some time in 1928, lists the song as The Murder of Little Marion Parker, the singer as Vel Veteran (Vernon Dalhart) and the composer as Bill Barrett.

5 - Regal Records #8526, was released on March 8, 1928, sung by Vernon Dalhart, and written by "Barrett".

6 - This song does not include the conviction of murderer William Edward Hickman on on February 9, 1928.

7 - Here is the Wikipedia story about the 1927 murder of 12-year-old Marion Parker.