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CCC Blues, song lyrics

Song: (Civilian Conservation Corps) CCC Blues
Lyrics: Washboard Sam(3)

Music: Washboard Sam
Year: 1938
Genre: Blues
Country: USA

I'm goin' down,
I'm goin' down, to the CCC(4),
I know that the WPA(5),
Won't do a thing for me.

I told her my name,
And the place I stay,
She said she'd give me a piece of paper,
Come back, some other day.
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I told her I had no people,
And the shape I was in,
She said she would help me,
But she didn't say when.

I told her I needed a job,
And no relief,
On my rent day,
She sent me a can of beef.

She said she'd give me a job,
Everything was nice and warm,
Takin' care of the dead,
In a funeral home.


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2 - Jim Crow's Counterculture: The Blues and Black Southerners 1890-1945, by R. A. Lawson, p.156

3 - Washboard Sam from Wikipedia

4 - The CCC was the Civilian Conservation Corps..

5 - The WPA, was the Works Progress Administration, in 1939 renamed the Works Project Administration, was an agency of the FDR's New Deal, which existed between 1935 and 1943.