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Bust the Trusts, song lyrics

Song: Bust the Trusts (Democratic Campaign Song)
Lyrics: F. J. Miller

Music: Licco I. Liggy
Year: 1912(1) (3)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Times now are most distressing,
We all realize this fact.
This political corruption,
So let us act.
Grand Old Party(4) does not help us,
But their years of money lust,
Have placed us at the mercy,
Of the grasping grinding Trusts(5).

So we'll have to Bust the Trusts,
Or they'll grind us in the dust.
Yes, if we want to prosper,
We'll have to Bust the Trusts.
Bust the Trusts! Bust the Trusts!
This we surely must
So vote for Woodrow Wilson(6)
And he soon will Bust up the Trusts. Trusts.

The way things have been going,
The Trusts will starve us out.
For there is nothing doing,
That will bring good times about.
We can't depend on Roosevelt(7),
And in Taft(8) we cannot trust.
The courts also are leary,
When it comes to Busting Trusts.
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What do we care for parties,
You know they've had their day,
But now we do not worry,
For we sure have found the way.
To lessen our hard burdens,
And get what is only just,
We will vote for Woodrow Wilson,
And then he will Bust the Trusts.



1 - Published by Weiss, MacEachan & Miller, W 15th St. New York

2 - The cover of the sheet music includes a picture of Woodrow Wilson with his name portrayed very prominently displayed under the picture.

3 - United States presidential election, 1912, from Wikipedia

4 - Grand Old Party is the Republican Party

5 - Corporate Trusts were generally very large corporations with monopolies, or part of a small oligarchy of companies, controlling a major industry.

6 - Woodrow Wilson from Wikipedia

7 - Theodore Roosevelt from Wikipedia

8 - William Howard Taft from Wikipedia