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Brooklyn Fire, song lyrics

Song: Brooklyn Fire!
Lyrics: Jim Campbell(1)(2)

Year: 1876(1)
Genre: Ballad
Country: USA

I sing the tale of misery, of terror and of death,
That makes this life a burden to the ones in sorrow left,
That sent, thro' many a household, sore misfortune, swift and dire;
Of the dead and living heroes of that fearful Brooklyn fire(3).
The horrors of that awful night, no tongue can ever tell;
Of the tender and the loving, how they strove and how they fell;
The baby in its mother's arms, the lover and the bride,
And brother, sisters, fathers, all despairing, side by side.
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All honor to the noble ones who strove to save the rest;
Who, when their own lives were at stake, sweet pity fill'd each breast,
While round them roar'd the hungry flames, they nobly stood their ground,
And terror strucken mortals, gaz'd upon them all around.
Such times as these call forth great souls, when the timid shrink away,
They rise up in their majesty, and danger put away.
The country that produces such, their names should shout aloud;
For, of such heroes, any land may justly well be proud.

And when posterity shall yet, her greatest names enroll,
In lines of glorious splendor, on fames immortal scroll;
Arrayed in dazzling brightness, without a stain to mar,
There "Murdock"(4) and brave "Burroughs"(4) too, will glisten like a star.
Our country's known some glorious deaths, that made our hearts blood freeze;
Our Soldiers at the cannon's mouth, our sailors on the seas;
But fame's bright scroll, all glittering o'er, no prouder names can boast
Than "MurdocK" and brave "Burroughs" too, who died while at their post.


1 - Transcribed from the score that did not list a publisher. The sheet did read "Written adapted and sung by Jim Campbell".

2 - Sorry, we have no biographical information on Jim Campbell. If you do and would share this with us, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

3 - Brooklyn Theater Fire of December 5, 1876 from the Library of Congress, USA.

4 - Harry S. Murdoch (or Murdock) and Claude Burroughs, both actors in the play called "The Two Orphans" lost their lives in the fire as well as an estimated 200 to 300 others.