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All Rights for All, song lyrics

Song: All Rights for All!
Lyrics: Elizabeth B. Dewing(1)

Music: Joseph Philbrick Webster(2)
Year: 1868
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Ho! men of the far sunny southland;
Ho! men of the free breathing North,
Of eastland, and westland, and midland,
Who proudly to battle went forth;
Awake! from the slumbers that bind ye,
List, list to the voices that call;
There's work to be done by the bravest,
If "Vict'ry" means, "All rights for all!"

The Nation is saved! the Republic is free!
Adieu to the musket and sabre;
Our cry shall now be from the hills to the sea,
All rights for free men and free labor!

The Nation is saved, reunited,
The dark stain of slavery gone;
Through wounding and scars, Truth has triumphed,
And duty now beckons us on.
We pity our poor "erring sisters,"
And Mercy may weep o'er their fall;
But Justice, the blind maiden goddess,
Insists upon "All rights for all!"
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The Republic is free,democratic,
No monarch may dictate our laws
The great sov'reign people do battle,
Or ballot in Liberty's cause;
Intol'rance is now out of fashion,
Buried, deep beneath slav'ry's pall,
All hall! the new civilization,
Which now demands "All rights for all!"
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O, men whom the people have trusted,
The status of Freedmen to fix.
Remember the great Declaration,
By the Fathers in seventy-six;
In God given rights, we are equal,
Man, woman, white, black, great and small,
Then legalize in partial suffrage,
And guaranty "All rights for all!"



1 - Sorry, we don't have anything on Elizabeth B. Dewing. If you do have any citations for her, please let us know.

2 - Joseph Philbrick Webster (1819 - 1875), information from the Walworth County Historical Society.