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Prohibition is a Failure, song lyrics

Song: Prohibition is a Failure
Lyrics: Lowe Stokes(2)

Music: Lowe Stokes
Year: 1930(1)
Genre: Country Music
Country: USA

Prohibition is a failure most anyone can see,
For whiskey's sold in every town in the good old USA.
Oh, the policeman will arrest you, he'll lock you up in jail,
He'll drink up all your liquor, and turn you out on bail.

I'm going back to Georgia, to join the drinking clan,
Where whiskey's made of Red Seal Lye and sold in old tin cans,
Where the men they drink and gamble, and the women quarrel and fight,
And the saloons they run wide open, and a man's killed every night.
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Oh, the moonshiners in the mountains, they operate the stills,
They're true blue to each other, what they say they'll do, they will,
They all carry six-shooters, shotguns and bowie knives,
And the man that tries to raid them is sure to lose his life.

Oh, the city dude he makes homebrew, most anyone can learn,
He takes a can of old malt syrup and an old-fashioned churn,
He adds a cake of yeast or two and he lets it work and foam,
And a bottle or two on a Saturday night, he'll sing "My Home Sweet Home".
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Oh, at the next election, I'm sure you all will see,
We'll have light wines and good old beer in 1933,
And if we do not get it, I'm tellin' you and you,
We'll make our own liquor, and drink our old home brew.


1 - Transcribed from the Lowe Stokes' Potlickers (also known as Lowe Stokes and his North Georgians) recording, on Brunswick #491, released November 1930.

2 - A short biography of Lowe Stokes

3 - Additional information on Prohibition from the University of Houston, Texas, and PBS's Prohibition a film series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.