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The (Prohibition) Enforcement Blues, song lyrics

Song: The (Prohibition) Enforcement Blues
Lyrics: Austin Allen & Lee Allen(2)

Music: Austin Allen & Lee Allen
Year: 1930(1)
Genre: Jug Band
Country: USA

Mr. Hoover(3) came to office feeling kind of raw,
With a strong determination to enforce the law,
You can't have liquor, I'll tell you right now,
If you drink anything, you'll get it from a cow.
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Blues, blues, I can't lose,
I got the prohibition blues.

It makes no difference what the folks may say,
At the end Mr. Hoover's gonna have his way,
Back in the mountains and up in the hills,
He's got prohibition men turnin' down our stills.


Now they're taking the world over on the prohibion law,
But you know it can't last, 'cause its made of straw,
The folks down yonder in Arkansas,
Done send go yonder with the prohibition law.
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Now the day am coming, and it won't be long,
'Til you find Mr. Hoover, you done gone wrong,
The folks gonna say next election day,
Step out Mr. Hoover, you've had your way.



1 - Transcribed in 2014, from the recording by the Allen Brothers, on Victor records #40276, June 5, 1930.

2 - The Allen Brothers.

3 - President Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) biography from the White House.

4 - Additional information on Prohibition from the University of Houston, Texas, and PBS's a film series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.