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Page Mr. Volstead, song lyrics

Song: Page Mr. Volstead
Lyrics: Bob Miller(1)

Music: Bob Miller
Year: 1930(2)
Country: USA

This country was a desert long ago,
And early settlers died of thirst they say;
Some think it's drying up again, you know,
I wonder how they get that way.

Page Mr. Volstead, Page Mr. Volstead(3),
Here comes Father with another load of gin,
Brother Willie broke the rules,
And he staggered home from school,
Sister Susie totes a flask, ain't that sin?

Now they all take it, Know how to make it,
As a cocktail mixer, Grandma is a wow!
Baby smiles and says "goo-goo,"
For a bottle of home brew,
And Grandpa is hijacking, Page Mr. Volstead now!
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Mr. Volstead, Oh, Mr. Volstead,
Uncle Henry is a Congressman, you know,
He drinks his stuff on the sly,
When he's sober he goes dry,
Cousin Joe's a snooper, he makes lots of dough!

And brother Andy, Is making brandy,
One drink makes you see more than three stars, I vow!
Lots of folks were deaf and dumb,
'Til they started drinkin' rum,
And now they all "speakeasy", Page Mr. Volstead now!
This song was originally posted on
Oh, Mr. Volstead, Now, Mr. Volstead,
You say Prohibition is dear to your heart,
You think that law is okay,
You say it will work, some way,
But I wish you'd tell me when it's gonna start.

The butcher, baker and undertaker,
Everybody's selling it today, and how!
All sing 'Coming through the Rye',
That bootlegger's lullaby,
Oh, keep the home-still burning, Page Mr. Volstead now!


1 - Bob Miller, a short biography

2 - Recorded on Champion x2695 and Gennett records GEX-2695-B, May 15, 1930.

3 - Andrew Volstead information from Wikipedia, and the Volstead Act / National Prohibition Act.

4 - Additional information on Prohibition from the University of Houston, Texas, and PBS's a film series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.