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Money in the Pocket, song lyrics

Song: Money in the Pocket
Lyrics: Bob Russell(1)

Music: Carl Sigman(2)
Year: 1946
Genre: Popular
Country: USA

Money in the pocket is food on the table,
Food on the table is cash in the till.
When the till is loaded the merchant is able
To fill up the counters he has to refill.
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Money in the pocket can buy what's required,
Clothes for the kiddies, a dress tor the wife.
Money for the doctor, a show when you're tired
Is living a normal American life.

From the worker to the merchant,
The dollar takes a business trip.
Then off to the farmer to buy new equipment,
And back to the worker in a salary slip.
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Everybody prospers, the butcher, the grocer.
Great is the country and fine is the blend.
Must there be depression? The answer is "No, sir.
Money in the pocket is money to spend."


1 - Bob Russell, born as Sidney Keith Russell (1914 - 1970), biography from the Songwriters' Hall of Fame. He is best known for the jazz song, Don't Get Around Much Anymore and the folk-pop song He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother (made famous by the Hollies).

2 - Carl Sigman (1909 - 2000) biography.