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In the Fall of 29, song lyrics

Song: In the Fall of 29
Lyrics: W. Lee O'Daniel(1)(2)

Year: 1933(1)
Country: USA

(Note, item in square parantheses are spoken rather than sung.)

[Why, hello there, mister iceman. Where have I seen your face?]
Please don't try to tease me, mister, just because I lost the race;
I was once a great big banker, worth a million for a time,
But I lost the whole kaboodle in the fall of twenty-nine(3).

In the fall of twenty-nine, in the fall of twenty-nine,
That's when we started sliding, in the fall of twenty-nine,
'Twas a fall of fifty-fifty, you lost yours and I lost mine,
But it made us all more human since the fall of twenty-nine.

[Hey there, mister taxi driver. Where have I seen you before?]
Listen, buddy, I'm the fella who had stocks and bonds galore,
My office was on Wall Street(4), everything was going fine,
But my stocks and bonds all vanished in the fall of twenty-nine.
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[Hey there, mister apple vendor, with that old familiar toot!]
Gee whiz, you do remember, I'm the guy who played the flute,
I was making lots of money, the way I spent it was a crime,
But my income stopped completely in the fall of twenty-nine.


[Who's that ringing our front doorbell? She has magazines to sell.]
Well, wouldn't that surprise you! If it isn't Missus Swell;
She used to lead the whole Four Hundred(5), had twelve servants all the time,
But it seems she got a setback in the fall of twenty-nine.
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There were folks in high-up places before the fall of twenty-nine,
But now you find their faces in that good old free breadline,
We thought we were intelligent before that fateful fall,
But now we've come to realize we didn't know it all.



1 - Transcribed from the October 11, 1933 recording put out on Vocalion record 02604 by W. Lee O'Daniel and His Light Crust Doughboys. It is assumed that he was the author, as other authorship has not been found.

2 - W. Lee O'Daniel (1890 - 1969), in 1928 organized the band, the "Light Crust Doughboys". Famous throughout Texas (though born in Ohio) in 1938 he ran for Texas governor and won. In 1941 won the election to the U.S. Senate over Congressman Lyndon Johnson.

3 - "The Fall of 29" is a reference to the Autumn 1929, stock market crash that was taken as the beginning of the Great Depression.

4 - Wall Street, New York City, NY, USA, is the financial district in Lower Manhattan.

5 - The "Four Hundred" were the ultra-rich and were condsidered a social class unto themselves.