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All In and Down and Out Blues, song lyrics

Song: All In and Down and Out Blues
Lyrics: Uncle Dave Macon(1)

Music: Uncle Dave Macon
Year: 1937(2)
Genre: Folk
Country: USA

It's hippity hop to the bucket shop(3),
I've lost all my money and now I have flopped,
It's hard times, pity poor boy,
It's hard times, when you're down and out.

Now this is the truth,
and it cerainly exposes,
That Wall Street's proposition,
is not all roses.


I put up my money,
to win some more,
I lost all I had,
and it left me so sore.
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I thought I would drink,
to wear it off,
Bootleg's so high,
that it left me worse off.


If they catch you,
with wiskey in your car,
You're handicapped,
and there you are.


They'll take you to jail,
and if you can't make bond,
Content yourself there,
why you're certainly at home.
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I've got no silver,
and I've got no gold,
I'm almost naked,
and it's done turned cold.


You ask that judge,
to treat you well,
You offer a hundred dollars,
he'll sed you to Atlanta(4).


1 - Two short biographies on Uncle Dave Macon, this first one from PBS's American Roots Music and this second from the Encyclopedia Britannica.

2 - Recorded on Bluebird records 7350, September 1937.

3 - A "bucket shop" was slang for a scam.

4 - A lot of recording artists and publishers would not use the word "Hell" so in this case he uses "Atlanta" instead of what he meant, which would have rhymed with "well".