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Right Over Wrong (coming right along), song lyrics

Song: Right Over Wrong (coming right along)
Lyrics: Jesse Hutchinson(1) (2)

Music; Hutchinson Family(1) (2)
Year: 1855(1)
Genre: Traditional
Country: United States

Behold the day of Promise comes, full of inspiration,
The blessed day by prophets sung, for the healing of the nations.
Old midnight errors flee away; they soon will all be gone;
While Heav'nly Angels seem to say, "the good time's" coming on,
O! the

Good time, The good time, The good time's coming on.
The good time, The good time, The good time's coming on.

Already in the golden east, the glorious light is dawning,
And watchment from the mountain tops, can see the blessed morning.
O'er the landl their voices ring, While yet the world is napping,
'Till e'en the sluggards begin to spring, as they hear the spirits "rapping."
O! the
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The captive hoe beings to rise, And burst his chans asunder,
While Politicians stand aghast, In anxious fear and wonder.
No longer shall the bondman sigh beneath the galling fetters,
He sees the Dawn of Freedom nigh, and reads the golden letters.
O! the
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And all the Old Distilleries shall perish, and burn together,
The brandy, Rum and Gin and bear, and all such whatsoever.
The world begins to feel the fire, and e'en the poor be sotter,
To save himself from burnign up, jumps in the cooling water.
O! the



1 - Published by Horace Waters, 333 Broadway, New York

2 - Hutchinson Family Singers information.

3 - From the sheet music, "To all who are interested in human progress"