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The New Emancipation Song, lyrics

Song: The New Emancipation Song
Lyrics: R. A. T.(1) (2)

Music: Mrs. E. A. Parkhurst(1) (3)
Year: 1864(1)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Oh! give the slaves their freedom,
You surely do not need them,
And no longer clothe and feed them,
In these United States.

For they all sigh for freedom,
They all sigh for freedom,
For they all sigh for freedom,
In these United States.

Then the slave no longer be labor,
But act the part of neighbor,
And hire white men to labor
In these United States.

For there's great cry for labor,
There's great cry for labor,
There's a great cry for labor,
In these United States.

Already the salvation
Of our slave holding nation
Demands the emancipation
Of slaves in the States.
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Then renouce your cruel knavery
Of keeping men in slavery,
For its quite unsavory
E'en in the Border States.


Oh, let not our free soil
Be degraded by the toil
Of the men whom you despoil
In these United States.


Release from bondage dreary
Each darkey and his deary,
(And) (Don't) send them to Liberia
From these United States.
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Esteem it but a fable,
That white men are not able
To take the place of sable
Slaves in the States.


And hire maids whose pretty faces
The rose and lily graces.
To keep your pleasant places
In these United States.


If you wish to commended
Let not Slavery be extended,
But its reign quickly ended
In these United States.



1 - As per the sheet music published by Horace Waters, No. 481 Broadway, New York, NY.

2 - Who "R.A.T." is, is unknown.

3 - Susan McFarland Parkhurst

4 - Sung by the Hutchinson Family Singers.