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I'll Never Be a Slave Again, song lyrics

Song: I'll Never Be a Slave Again
Lyrics: W. Dexter Smith Jr.(1)

Music: Fred Clemence(2)
Year: 1866(3)
Country: USA

I'll never be a slave again,
Nor bend the knee to man,
No more I'll wear the clanking chain,
Nor live beneath the ban;
I've hoped, through years of toil and care,
To see this golden hour.
And now I breath sweet Freedom's air,
And feel its holy pow'r.

I'll live and die for our old flag,
Yes! ever shall it reign
I'll never see its splendor fade,
Nor be a slave again.

I fought beneath the dear old flag
For freedom, peace and right,
And saw the dark clouds roll away
Before our country's might;
And now that I am truly free
Upon Columbia's shore,
A slave I never more will be
As in dark days of yore.
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I'll never be a slave again
To wine and all its wiles
I see the demon 'neath the mask
And do not feed its smiles;
I'll have no master on the earth
I'll yield to nought but love,
That I may live and die to please
The One who rules above.



1 - Sorry we have no biographical data on W. Dexter Smith Jr.

2 - Sorry we have no biographical data on Fred Clemence

3 - Published by G. D. Russell & Company, 126 Tremont, New York.