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Get off the track! (A song for emancipation), lyrics

Song: Get off the track! (A song for emancipation)
Lyrics: Jesse Hutchinson Jr.(1)

Music: Jesse Hutchinson Jr.
Year: 1844(2)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

"Respectfully dedicated to Nathl. P. Rogers(3), As a mark of esteem for this intrepidity in the cause of Human Rights - By the Author."

Ho! the Car Emancipation,
Rides majestic thro' our nation,
Bearing on its Train, the story,
Liberty, A Nation's Glory.
Roll it along, Roll it along, Roll it along,
thro's the Nation Freedom's Car, Emancipation,
Roll it along, Roll it along,
Roll it along, thro' the Nation,
Freedom's Car. Emancipation.

First of all the train, and greater,
Speeds the dauntless Liberator
Onward cheered amid hosannas,
And the waving of Free Banners.
Roll it along! Spread your Banners
While the people shoud hosannas.

Men of various predilections,
Frightened, run in all directions;
Merchants, Editors, Physicians,
Lawyers, Priests and Politicians.
Get out of the way! every station,
Clear the track of 'mancipation.
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Let the Minister and Churches
Leave behind sectarian lurches;
Jump on board the Car of Freedom
Ere it be too late to need them.
Sound the alarm! Pulpit's thunder!
Ere too late, you see your blunder.

Politicians gazed, astounded,
When at first our Bell resounded;
Freight trains are coming, tell these Foxes,
With our Votes and Ballot Boxes.
Jump for your lives! Politicians,
From your dangerous false positions.

Rail Roads to Emancipation
Cannot rest on clay foundation
And the tracks of "The Magician"
Are but Rail Roads to perdition.
Pull up the Rails! Emancipation
Cannot rest on such foundation

All true friends of Emancipation,
Haste to Freedom's Rail Road Station;
Quick into the Cars get seated,
All is ready, and completed.
Put on the Steam! All are crying.
And the Liberty Flags are flying.
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Now, again the Bell is tolling.
Soon you'll see the car wheels rolling:
Hinder not their destination,
Chartered for Emancipation.
Wood up the fire! keep it flashing,
While the Train goes onward dashing.

Hear the mighty car wheels humming!
Now look out! The Engine's Coming!
Church and Statesment! hear the thunder!
Clear the track! or you'll fall under.
Get of the track! all are singing.
While the Liberty Bell is ringing.

On triumphant, see them bearing,
Through sectarian rubbish tearing;
Th' Bell and Whistle and the Steaming,
Startles thousans from their dreaming.
Look out for the cars! while the Bell rings,
Ere the sound your funeral knell rings.

See the people run to meet us;
All the Depots thousands greet us;
All take seats with exultation,
In the Car Emancipation.
Huzza! Huzza! Emancipation
Soon will bless our happy nation.
Huzza!... Huzza!!... Huzza!!!...


1 - Jesse Hutchinson Jr. was a member of the Hutchinson Family Singers.

2 - Published by Jesse Hutchinson Jr., 1844.

3 - The dedication on the cover is in reference to fellow abolitionist Nathaniel Peabody Rogers.