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The Emancipated Negro, song lyrics

Song: The Emancipated Negro
Lyrics: Charles Jefferys(1) (2)

Music: S. Nelson(1) (2)
Year: 1833(1) (2)
Genre: Traditional
Country: England

Another Spirit bursts its bonds,
    Another soul is free,
Escap'd its moral chains to bloom,
    In Immortality!
Who shall be next? No tongue can tell;
    Ere its sound hath died away,
He claims this hour passing knell,
    Who heard it yesterday.

To him who rais'd in million hearts,
    A sense of other's wrongs,
Who led the way for "right 'gainst might"
    Our gratitude belongs
The good Man's brother, poor Man's friend,
    The champion of the Slave,
The sternest foe to Tyranny
    Is silent in the Grave.
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Yet weep we not, as they who weep
    Having no hope in Heav'n;
To worth like his we humbly hope
    A crown of Joy is giv'n.
When the Spirits of just Men depart
    Triumphy we sing
"Oh! Grave, where is thy Victory?
    O Death where is they Sting?"

We are free! the bonds are broken
    The bonds that held the soul in thrall,
Long the voice of God hath spoken
    Man at lenghth, obeys the call;
Winds! along the western Ocean
    To England's shores oh! hear our song,
Englishmen, with proud emotion,
    Listen to th'enfranchis'd throng.

Sons of Britain 'twas your glory
    Of Afric's children's wrongs to speak.
To tell the Negro's simple story
    And strive the Negro's bonds to break:
Never in the lapse of ages
    Shilst Freedom in her glory shines
May we forget old England's Sages_
    Poets_ Senators_ Divines.
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These were stern Oppression's foemen
    Who, scorning Man's inhuman laws
Denied his contrould o'ver his brother
    And fought in Heaven's righteous cause:
Ye who ere that cause had triumph'd
    Had gone to Heaven's eternal rest_
Now look down and know what feelings
    Fill the grateful Negro's breast.


1 - Published by Leoni Lee, 17 Old Bond Street, London

2 - Charles Jefferys (1807 - 1865) is the correct spelling as per the sheet music (not Charles Jeffreys)

3 - The cover reads "A tribute to the memory of William Wilberforce." William Wilberforce was a British politician and a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade. He lived from 1759 to 1833.