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Songs about Slavery, the Emancipation Proclamation and Freedom

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Emancipation Hymn, by R.T.L., 1863

Get Off The Track!, Jesse Hutchinson Jr., 1844

Hymn Of The Freedman, George Henry Boker, 1864

I'll Never Be A Slave Again, W. Dexter Smith, 1866

IIn Those Cruel Slavery Days, Fields Ward, 1929

Raise A Ruckus Tonight, 19th century

Right Over Wrong, Jesse Hutchinson, 1855

Slavery Is A Hard Foe To Battle, Judson Joseph Hutchinson, 1855

The Emancipated Negro, Charles Jefferys, 1833

The New Emancipation Song, "R.A.T.", 1864

The Underground Railcar, G. N. Allen, 1854

We're Freemen Now, Percy Thacker & charles Sonntag, 1865