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We Are Up Against It Now, song lyrics

Song: We Are Up Against It Now
Lyrics: Uncle Dave Macon(1)

Music: Uncle Dave Macon
Year: 1926(1)
Country: USA

The world is turned upside down,
it surely must be true.
The way that things are running now
proves that to me and you.

We're up against it now,
There's no use to raise a row,
But of all the times I've ever seen
We're sure up against it now.

Since the highway's come,
they've taxed the farmer down
The road's so slick his team can't travel
and he has to walk to town.


Since the auto's come,
mules and horses won't sell,
The farmer's land is mortgaged down
and the country's gone to well.
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A farmer bought him a tractor,
he raised quite an alarm,
He only broke one little piece
and he had to sell his farm.

(Alternate CHORUS)

We're up against it now,
There's no use to raise a row,
But the safest rig I've ever seen
Is a mule and a bull-tongue plow.

He once was happy as a lark,
but now he's down and out.
The auto is the thing they say,
that brought this all about.


The women too are ^^ now,
and bobbing off their hair.
And clipping off their dresses short,
to make them look more fair.
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The farmer who's the one we know,
on whom we must depend.
Is up against it with the rest,
with troubles to amend.


I kissed a pretty girl of eighteen,
she smelt so sweet around the throat.
I kissed an old maid of fourty,
and felt like a darned billy goat.


1 - Transcribed May, 2012 from the 78 record, by Uncle Dave Macon, We Are Up Against It Now, Vocalion 5009, recorded September 1926.

2 - Two short biographies on Uncle Dave Macon, this first one from PBS's American Roots Music and this second from the Encyclopedia Britannica.

3 - ^ is a missing syllable. If you know what the missing parts are, please go to the "About" page above and email us to let us know. Thank you