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Price of Cotton Blues, song lyrics

Song: Price of Cotton Blues
Lyrics: Austin Allen & Lee Allen(2)

Music: Austin Allen & Lee Allen(2)
Year: 1930(2)
Genre: Country
Country: USA

Early every morning, late at night,
Just an honest old farmer, trying make my living right,
I don't want to rob, I don't want to steal,
They cut my cotton, that's the way I feel.

Been plowing so much, I got dirt here in my shoes,
Guess I'll just die, with the price of cotton blues.

Worked all Summer, since early last Spring,
Raised plenty cotton, but I ain't got a thing,
All you farmers with your heads hung low,
Just cotton papas ain't got no dough(3).
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No, I guess I'll go to bootlegging(4) brother.
I can't raise cotton.
Can't get nothing for it when you raise it.

We can't borrow money from the banks no more,
'Cause the price of cotton done gone too low,
Cotton's done gone to seven cents a pound,
Get me a club and run a jackrabbit down.
Get me a club and run a jackrabbit down.


1 - Transcribed from the recording by the Allen Brothers, on Victor Records 23507, November 22, 1930.

2 - The Allen Brothers.

3 - "dough" is slang for money.

4 - "bootlegging" is the illegal brewing of alcohol for drinking.