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Smog Gets In Your Eyes, Allan Sherman song lyrics

Song: Smog Gets In Your Eyes
Lyrics: Allan Sherman(1)

Music: to the 1933 tune of "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" by Otto Harbach and Jerome Kern
Year: 1966
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA

They ask me through the years,
Why I shed these tears,
I of course replied,
When you live in Van Nuys,
Smog gets in your eyes.

I thought I'd play it wise,
So I closed my eyes,
But what do you suppose?
When both my eyes I close,
Smog gets in my nose.
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I went to price,
An anti-smog device,
To put behind my car,
But all too quick,
The smog became so thick,
I could not find my car.

Ten million cars provide,
Carbon monoxide,
If they'd all drive a horse,
There'd be no smog, of course,
But there'd be something worse,
In your eyes.


1 - Allan Sherman, (born Allan Copelon), biography from IMDb.

2 - This song is about the severe smog problems that were happening in the 1960's in the Los Angeles, California area.