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70 Miles, song lyrics

Song: Seventy Miles
Lyrics: Malvina Reynolds(1)

Music: Malvina Reynolds(1)
Year: 1965
Genre: Folk
Country: USA

Seventy miles of wind and spray,
Seventy miles of water,
Seventy miles of open bay,
It's a garbage dump.

What's that stinky creek out there,
Down behind the slum's back stair,
Sludgy puddle, sad and gray?
Why man, that's San Francisco Bay.
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Big Solano and the Montecelle',
Ferry boats, I know them well,
Creak and groan in their muddy graves,
Remembering San Francisco Bay.


Joe Ortega and the Spanish crew,
Sailed across the ocean blue,
Came into the mighty bay,
Stood on the decks and cried, "Ole".
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Fill it here, fill it here,
Docks and tidelands disappear,
Shaky houses on the quakey ground,
The builder, he's Las Vegas bound.


"Dump the garbage in the Bay?"
City fathers say, "Okay,
When cries of anguish fill the air,
We'll be off on the Riviere."



1 - Malvina Reynolds on Wikipedia. This song is posted with permission of her daughter.