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War & Peace Song Lyrics

Atomic Energy, by Sir Lancelot, 1946

Billy Boy, Pete Seeger & Lee Hays, 1941

Brother, Won't You Join In the Line, Ewan MacColl, 1958

Burn, Bruce Cockburn, 1974

Don't Take My Darling Boy Away, Will Dillon & Albert Von Tilzer, 1915

Don't Take My Papa Away From Me, Joe Hill, 1915

Down On The Base, Leon Russell & Marc Benno, 1971

Draft Dodger Rag, Phil Ochs, 1965

Flander's Fields, John McCrae, 1915

Hunger Blues Song, unknown, 1920s OR 1930s

I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier, Alfred Bryan, 1916

No Vacancy, Merle Travis, 1946

Old Man Atom (Atomic Talking Blues), Vern Partlow, 1945

Plow Under, Lee Hays & Pete Seeger, 1941

Reckless Talk, Woody Guthrie, 1944

Sally Don't You Grieve, Woody Guthrie, 1944

Shall We Let Our Soldiers Perish, Thomas MacKellar, 1865

Should I Ever Be a Soldier, Joe Hill, 1913

Simple Song of Freedom, Bobby Darin, 1969

So Long It's Been Good to Know You, Woody Guthrie, 1942

Stung Right, Joe Hill, 1913

That Crazy War, Scotty Wiseman, 1940

The Forgotten Soldier Boy, Bert Layne, 1934

The Substitute Broker, John Zieber, 1864

The Sun is Burning, Ian Campbell, 1963

There's A Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere, Paul Roberts/Shelby Darnell/Bob Miller, 1942

Walk In Peace, Sir Lancelot, 1946