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The Sun is Burning, song lyrics

Song: The Sun is Burning
Lyrics: Ian Campbell

Music: Ian Campbell
Year: 1963
Genre: Folk
Country: UK

The sun is burning in the sky,
Strands of clouds go slowly drifting by,
In the park the lazy breeze, Are joining in the flowers, among the trees,
And the sun burns in the sky.
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Now the sun is in the West,
Little kids go home to take their rest,
And the couples in the park,
Are holdin' hands and waitin' for the dark, And the sun is in the West.

Now the sun is sinking low,
Children playing know it's time to go,
High above a spot appears,
A little blossom blooms and then draws near,
And the sun is sinking low.
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Now the sun has come to Earth,
Shrouded in a mushroom cloud of death,
Death comes in a blinding flash,
Of hellish heat and leaves a smear of ash,
And the sun has come to Earth.

Now the sun has disappeared,
All is darkness, anger, pain and fear,
Twisted, sightless wrecks of men,
Go groping on their knees and cry in pain,
And the sun has disappeared.


1 - Ian Campbell (1933 - 2012) biography about this folksinger born in Aberdeen, Scotland.

2 - This song about nuclear weapons, is best known not from the original Ian Campbell Folk Group, but released a year later on the debut album of Simon and Garfunkel 1964.

3 - Ian Campbell obituary from The Telegraph.