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Down On The Base, song lyrics

Song: Down On The Base
Lyrics: Leon Russell(2) & Marc Benno(3)

Music: Leon Russell(2) & Marc Benno(3)
Year: 1971
Genre: Rock
Country: USA

When I was home on Skyhill Drive(4)
Was electronically alive
But now I`m living in Vandenberg(5)
So militarily absurd
When things are slow down on the base
We can shoot tear gas in the dummy`s face
We can stick our bayonettes in the ground
When the President comes we`ll stand around

He`ll give a dollar for your fingers
Two dollars for your eyes
You pay the price of freedom,
Boy, so realize
This song was originally posted on
Well I guess I`ll help in B.F. Nam(6)
Teach `em how to vote and how to bomb
My life`s a small enough price to pay
To teach those commies American Way
Now I`m layin` on my face
And the death explosions every place
I thought I heard the medic say he`s blind
I guess I`m next to stand in line

I'll get a dollar from my fingers,
Two dollar`s for my eye`s
I paid the price of freedom, now I realize
I can see the world`s a better place
if I could see at all
I hear my German Shepherd(7) coming down the hall


1 - From the Album Asylum Choir II

2 - Leon Russell's website. Check out their music.

3 - Marc Benno's website

4 - Possibly Skyhill Drive, Los Angeles, California, since the airforce base is only 160 miles (250 km) away.

5 - Vandenberg Air Force Base, which includes a hospital and medical treatment facilities for soldiers and veterans.

6 - B.F. Nam, a reference to "battlefield" Vietnam, the war still going on there at the time (1971) of this song.

7 - German Shepherd, seeing-eye dog.