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Don't Take My Darling Boy Away, song lyrics

Song: Don't Take My Darling Boy Away
Lyrics: Will Dillon(2)

Music: Albert Von Tilzer(3)
Year: 1915(1)
Country: USA

A mother was kneeling to pray,
For loved ones at war far away
And there by her side,
her one joy and pride,
knelt down with her that day.
Then came a knock on the door
Your boy is commanded to war
"No Captain please,
Here on my knees,
I plead for one I adore"

Don't take my darling boy away from me,
Don't send him off to war,
You took his father and brothers three,
Now you've come back for more;
Who are the heroes that fight your wars,
Mothers who have no say,
But my duty's done, so for god's sake leave one,
And don't take my darling boy away. Way.
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A hero is now laid to rest,
A hero and one of the best
She Fought with each son,
The battles he'd won,
And the battles that proved a test;

Tho' she never went to the war,
She was the hero by far,
They gave the guns,
But who gave the son,



1 - Transcribed June 2012, from the sheet music, published by Broadway Music Corporation, 145 W. 45th St. New York.

2 - William Dillon

3 - Albert Von Tilzer