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Burn, song lyrics

Song: Burn
Lyrics: Bruce Cockburn(1)

Music: Bruce Cockburn
Year: 1974(1)
Genre: Folk
Country: Canada

Look away across the bay,
Yankee gunboat come this way,
Uncle Sam gonna save the day,
Come tomorrow we all gonna pay...
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And it's burn, baby, burn,
When am I going to get my turn?
Burn, baby, burn,
When am I going to get my turn?

Something dead under the bed,
Local diplomats hang their heads,
Never mind what the government said,
They're either lying or they've been misled...


Philippines(2) was yesterday,
Santiago(3) and Greece(4) today,
How would they ever make the late news pay,
If they didn't have the CIA(5)?
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Here it comes, the loaded gun,
"Must keep the Commies on the run",
You'd buy or bury everyone,
For liberty and life, And just plain fun.



1 - From the liner notes of the album Joy Will Find a Way, released 1975, by True North Records album TN-23. Here is a biography of Bruce Cockburn. You can find a discography of all Bruce Cockburn albums here if you wish to purchase an album or CD.

2 - CIA involvement in The Philippines and connections to Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled under martial law as dictator from 1972 to 1981. See Ferdinand Marcos: Apotheosis of the Philippine Historical Political Tradition, by Nicole Cu Unjieng, University of Pennsylvania, April 2009.

3 - CIA involvement in Chile, and its contributions leading to the military coup by General Pinochet and the assassination of elected Chilean President Salvador Allende in 1973. A model operation - Covert action in Chile: 1963-1973, by Ralph McGehee of the Institute for Global communications, 1999, and Augusto Pinochet Report: Documents Show U.S. Knew of Pinochet Crackdown, by Karen DeYoung and Vernon Loeb, Washington Post, Thursday, July 1, 1999, p.A23.

4 - There have been many accusations of CIA involvement with the military Greek dictatorship between 1967 and 1974. Others believe the CIA led General Ioannidis to believe that the U.S. government would approve of a military junta taking over the country even though it was the opposite of the position of the U.S. State Department; See, by Constantine P. Danopouos, Ball State University, 1982, but posted at San Jose State University.

5 - The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, from the U.S. Government list of Agencies and Departments.

6 - The correct name of the Bruce Cockburn song is "Burn" as opposed to "Burn Baby Burn", which is a phrase in the chorus. Though there was as per the previous link in this note, a song by that name from 1965 about the Watts (Los Angeles) riots.