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Atomic Energy, song lyrics

Song: Atomic Energy
Lyrics: Raymond Glaser(3)

Music: Lancelot Victor Edward Pinard(1) (4)
Year: 1946(2)
Genre: Calypso
Country: USA

Some men with brains in their cranium,
Took a piece of uranium,
They did what other men couldn't do,
They split the atom right in two.

Now it's up to the people to crusade,
To see that no more bombs are made,
That it's great force should only be used,
For peace and democracy.

They took all the U-238 that,
They could find in the United States,
They gathered it and made it all,
Into the size of a billiard ball.
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Down to the south and west they went,
To try out their experiment,
To find out what they wanted to know,
In the desert of New Mexico.


If you should travel out west someday,
And happen to stop off in Santa Fe,
Just look around and take a stroll,
You'll come across a great big hole.
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Today it's the size of a billiard ball,
Tomorrow it'll be the size of city hall,
And when they drop it, you will see,
The place where this earth used to be.


We all can have prosperity,
With this atomic energy,
The world can have its pork and beans,
Or be blown into smithereens.



1 - This song was recorded in 1947 by "Sir Lancelot" the stage name for L. V. Pinard.

2 - Transcribed, May 2012.

3 - Sorry we have no information on Raymond Glaser. If you do and would like to pass it along in email, go to our about page; It would be appreciated. Thank you.

4 - Sir Lancelot