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Poverty's Child, song lyrics

Song: Poverty's Child
Lyrics: Charles A. Van Anden

Music: Charles A. Van Anden
Year: 1870(1)
Genre: Traditional
Country: United States of America

Shiv'ring and cold, a young girl stood,
With clothing scant, and feet all bare;
Seeking a shelter from the chill wind,
And sleet that fill'd the wintry air,
Leaning against a cold stone wall.
With thread-bar shawl round her shivering form,
Stood poverty's child, asking alms from all,
To pay for shelter from the storm.

Poverty's child, She's poverty's child,
Oh! Pity her as you pass by;
With her pale face, and her eyes soft and mind,
Pity her sorrow, and her sigh.
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And got she alms? oh! cruel world,
Did silks or satins round her sweep,
Not long would shelter be denied,
But many tears would worldlings weeps;
She's Poverty's child, and thus the curse
Hangs o'er her every when she asks for bread,
Oh God; Why is it such a crime,
To have no place to lay one's head?



1 - Published by Whittemore, Swan & Stephens, 179 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit.

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