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Poor Miner's Farewell, song lyrics

Song: Poor Miner's Farewell
Lyrics: Aunt Molly Jackson(1)

Music: Aunt Molly Jackson
Year: 1932
Genre: A cappella Folk
Country: USA

They leave their dear wives and little ones, too,
To earn them a living as miners all do.
Poor hard-working miners, their troubles are great
So often while mining they met their sad fate.

Only a miner killed under the ground,
Only a miner and one more is found;
Killed by some accident, there's no one can tell
Your mining's all over, poor miner farewell.

Poor orphaned children, thrown out on the street
Ragged and hungry, with nothing to eat;
Their mothers are jobless and their fathers are dead,
Poor fatherless children, left crying for bread.
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When I'm in Kentucky so often I meet,
Poor coal miners' children out on the street.
"What are you doing?" to them I have said;
We are hungry, Aunt Molly, and we're begging for bread."

"Will you please help us to get something to eat?
We are ragged and hungry, thrown out on the street."
"Yes, I will help you," to them I have said,
"To beg food and clothing, I will help you to get bread."



1 - Aunt Molly Jackson (1880-1960), in the Encyclopedia of Appalachia, University of Tennessee Press