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Pocket's Empty, Friends are Gone, song lyrics

Song: Pocket's Empty, Friends are Gone
Lyrics: John T. Rutledge(1)

Music: John T. Rutledge
Year: 1882(1)
Country: USA

Once I own'd a million, in a mansion dwelt
And rank'd among the nabobs in our land.
Of friends I had a billion who to me would melt
Always came with purse and open hand.
But I speculated, lost my dollars all
Left me broken and forlorn.
See how low I'm rated, how a man can fall
Now my pocket's empty, friend are gone.

Money is mighty ev'ry dollar tells,
Poor is the man whose wealth is gone
(Soprano: Poor indeed the man whose wealth is flown)
High I sigh for old days, when I rank'd with swells,
Now my pocket's empty, friends are gone, gone.

But alas' for friendship such as money buys
For they are nought but seeks after wealth.
They'd not lend a dollar t'ease my want and sighs.
They who often drank my wine and health.
They who used by carriage now refuse to speak
To them I'm no longer known.
Why should I disparage, why should I grow weak.
I'm a man tho' frieds and wealth are gone.
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At my home are children crying now for bread.
They who've had the cream of all the land.
Weeping with their mother, and from want near dead.
She who had so much at her command.
Work they all refuse me, help they will not give.
And I feel all hope has flown.
Badly fate doth use me, ah, why should I live?
Now my pocket's empty, friends are gone.



1 - Published by H.G. Hollenberg, Memphis and Little Rock

2 - More music by John T. Rutledge from the Library of Congress.