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March of the Hungry Men, song lyrics

Song: March of the Hungry Men
Lyrics: Reginald Wright Kaufman(2)

Music: Agnes Cunningham(3)
Year: c. 1930(1)
Country: USA

In the dream of your downy couches,
through the shades of your pampered sleep,
Give ear you can hear it coming,
the tide that is steady and deep.
Give ear for the sound is growing,
from the desert and dungeon and den.
The tramp of the marching millions;
The march of the hungry men.

Give ear for the sound is growing,
From the desert and dungeon and den;
The tramp of the marching millions,
The march of the hungry men.

It is coming another army
Your wit can not compute,
The men-at-arms self-fashioned,
The men you made the brute.
From the farm and sweatshop gathered,
From factory. mine and mill,
With lyre and shears and augur,
Dribble and drift and drill.
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They bear no sword nor rifle,
Yet their ladders are on your walls,
Though the hauberk is turned to a jumper,
The jambreaux to overalls,
They come from locomotive,
From cab and cobbler's bench;
They are armed with pick and the jackplane,
The sledge and the axe and the wrench!


And some come empty handed,
With fingers gnarled and strong;
And some are dumb with sorrow,
And some come drunk with song.
But all you thought were buried,
Are stirring and lithe and quick,
And they carry a brass-bound scepter
The brass composing-stick.
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Through the depths of the Devil's darkness,
With the distant stars for light,
They are coming the while you slumber,
And they come with the might of right.
On the morrow, perhaps tomorrow,
You will wakened and see, and then,
You will hand the keys of the cities,
To the ranks of the Hungry Men.


1 - Pattern Makers' Jounal, Volumes 42-45, Pattern Makers' League of North America, 1931, p.222.

2 - If you have information on Reginald Wright Kaufman, please let us know. Click on our About page above and email us. Thank you.

3 - Sis Cunningham information from Wikipedia, though there is no confirmation that it is the same Agnes Cunningham.