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Man of Constant Sorrow, lyrics

Song: Farewell Song (Man of Constant Sorrow)
Lyrics: Richard Burnett(1)

Music: Richard Burnett
Year: 1913(2)
Genre: Ballad
Country: USA

I am a man of constant sorrow,
I've seen trouble all of my days;
I'll bid farewell to old Kentucky,
The place where I was born and raised.

Oh, six long year I've been blind, friends.
My pleasures here on earth are done,
In this world I have to ramble,
For I have no parents to help me now.
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So fare you well my own true lover,
I fear I never see you again,
For I'm bound to ride the Northern railroad,
Perhaps I'll die upon the train.

Oh, you may bury me in some deep valley,
For many year there I may lay.
Oh, when you're dreaming while you're slumbering
While I am sleeping in the clay.

Oh, fare you well to my native country,
The place where I have loved so well,
For I have all kinds of trouble,
In this vain world no tongue can tell.
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Dear friends, although I may be a stranger,
My face you may never see no more;
But there's a promise that is given,
Where we can meet on that beautiful shore.


1 - Infomation on Dick Burnett from Wikipedia.

2 - Dick Burnett was born in 1883, and blinded in 1907, so adding the "six long year I've been blind" dates this song at 1913.