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Inflation Blues, song lyrics

Song: Inflation Blues
Lyrics: Louis Jordan(1)(2)

Music: Louis Jordan
Year: 1947 (1)
Genre: Blues
Country: USA

Now, listen Mr. President,
All you congressmen too,
You got me all frustrated,
And I don't know what to do,
I'm trying to make a dollar,
Can't even save a cent,
It takes all of my money,
Just to eat and pay my rent,
That's why I got the blues,
Got those inflation blues.
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I'm not one Of those high brows,
I'm average Joe to you,
I came up eating cornbread,
Candied yams and chicken stew,
Now you take that paper dollar,
It's only that in name,
The way that paper buck has shrunk,
It's a lowdown dirty shame,
I got the blues,
Got those inflation blues.

Hey Pres, please cut the price of sugar,
So I can make my coffee sweet,
I like to smear some butter on my bread,
And you know I got to have my meat,
When you start rationing,
You really played the game,
But things are going up and up and up and up and up,
And my check remains the same,
That's why I got the blues,
Got those inflation blues.


1 - Recorded by Louis Jordan and His Tympani 5, on Decca record 24381, December 1, 1947.

2 - Louis Jordan Biography, from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

3 - See also Inflation Blues sung by Cootie Williams with totally different lyrics recorded 7 months earlier, and Inflation Blues, 1947 by by Allegretto Alexander and Louis Jordan with the same first stanza but very different music a few weeks later.