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Don't Put the Workingman Down, song lyrics

Song: Don't Put the Workingman Down
Lyrics: Bobby Newcomb(1)

Music: Bobby Newcomb
Year: 1877(1)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

(From the sheet music cover:)
"Respectfully Dedicated to the Workingmen of America."

How often we hear of misfortune,
Befalling a friend or a foe,
If in joy or regrets we express it,
That's the way of the world you all know.
I thought I would speak of the subject,
Interesting each village and town,
That is iron heeled capital striving,
To put the poor working man down.

Let capital shake hands with labor,
Let the poor have the bread that they earn,
For surely they need ev'ry penny,
Is a lesson quite easy to learn.
Remember the poor lose their children,
So give them a smile, not a frown,
Live, and let live, be your motto,
Oh: don't put the poor workingman down.

That money is root of all evil,
Why all of us likely's found out,
The richer class think that the poorer,
Should pleasure know nothing about.
The honest poor always will labor,
They don't ask a title or crown,
Why begrudge them sufficient to live on,
Don't put the working man down.
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So now in conclusion I'll mention,
That life being dear to us all,
The poorer class must have existence,
So don't push them close to the wall.
Now hope that in future the richer,
On the poorer will smile and not frown,
Who ask but enough just to live on,
Don't put the working man down.



1 - Published by F. W. Helmick, 50 W. 4th St., Cincinnati