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Standard Oil, song lyrics

Song: Standard Oil
Lyrics: F. L. Hill(1)

Music: A. F. Scheu(1)
Year: 1907(1)
Country: USA

United States is all aflame
    They say that "feller"(3) is to blame
Or, is that just the thing to say,
    When he has all the fines to pay,
I'm sure I know how you'd finance,
    If you could get "next" to the chance
It's just as plain as A, B, C.
    You'd do the same as "Johnny D."(3)

Oil, oil, oil has got us in its toil,
But Teddy(4) says the trusts(5) have got to go;
And when this man behind
Gets a thing set in his mind,
You can bet your bottom dollar 'twill be so.

Now "Rockefeller" is no fool
    For long ago he went to school
And learned to read and write and spell,
    And some words looked like O-I-L.
    Another word he liked to see,
They looked so good to "Johnny D."
    He added on the Come-"pay"-ny.
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Some States appear to hold their breath,
    While others aim to cause the death
Of this "Oil wagon" called a trust,
    Which surely will be hard to bust.
And if it busts I think they'll find
    The same old thing bob up behind.
Yes surely we are in the toil
    Of ever lasting Standard Oil.


But who can tell now if you please,
    Just how much oil twill take to grease
The track that causes things to slide
    Around the bend or to the side?
We know there's "fingers in the pie"
    This is a truth we can't deny;
There's others who will share the spoil
    Of what is called the Standard Oil.


"John's" fortunes is so very large
    A corner off would fill a barge.
Could buy a city large or small,
    And own Rail Roads one and all.
Could stretch his twentys to the moon
    And if the earth was one balloon
Could cover it with shining gold,
    With millions more down in the hold. This song was originally posted on

He had a very winning "smile"
    And many Rail Roads did beguile
He said I'll give you something back
    If only Standard Oil you'll pack.
Remember this is on the dead
    I think thats what the old man said
And when they answered "You are on"
    A friendly smile came over John.


When our good President had seen
    That John D's plans were mighty mean
This freezing little fellows out
    His "thinker" then began to doubt.
He said its time to blow the horn
    And call the cows in from the corn
And sure enoungh he started in
    To put him out, and will he win?


The rich old man was hard to find.
    He knew they had an "ax to grind."
And when they found him O ho! ho!
    All he would say was "I don't know."
Now you won't censure him for that.
    It is not nice with Judge to chat.
Nor is it wisdom if you please
    But "thank you" for the witness fees.
This song was originally posted on

O "John" we feel so very bad,
    To think when you was but a lad
So many schemes got in your head.
    Why did you not play golf instead?
We fear you did not think of us;
    You've got us in an awful muss
We can't forgive you John for this
    For things are terribly amiss!


Two nine two fourty! O! O! O! (29,240,000)(6)
    Was something awful don't you know!
But then you brought it on yourself
    By laying too much on the shelf.
Now come dear John and sin no more
    Bestow your shekels on the poor.
We know you've given much away
    But "Uncle Sammy" wants his "pay."



1 - Published by Hill Music Publishing Co., Mercantile Library Building,

2 - The top of the sheet music reads, "Dedicated to Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis"

3 - John D. Rockefeller, founder of the Standard Oil Company

4 - Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt

5 - Corporate Trust

6 - This was the amount of the fine Judge Landis levied against Standard Oil for receiving illegal rebates on railroad freight tariffs from its own subsidiary company, though his decision was later overturned..