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The Reading Rail Road and its President, song lyrics

Song: The Reading Rail Road and its President
Lyrics: n/a(1)

Music: to the tune of "Yankee Doodle"
Year: assumed to be circa 1860
Country: USA

'Tis said a corporate body ne'er
Was with a soul to invested,
The Reading Railroad Company,(3)
This logic has suggested:

Yankee Doodle is the tone;
Our fathers found it handy,
There's nothing makes a Briton(4) wince,
Like Yankee Doodle Dandy.

That if the body had no sould,
Yet held a hear undaunted,
An Englishman unnaturalized(4)
Was not the head it wanted.
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Not naturalized, or civilized
The corporation steering
Of course the son of Johnny Bull(5)
Mad Bulls in financiering.


The only principle he has,
Is what he holds invested;
So for the corporate interest, he
Felt deeply interested.


And for this reason, Shylock like,
On pounds of flesh intent,
His rate for favors show, per month
Was only three per cent.
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No matter if the course pursued
Brought ruin and disasters;
McCalmont spoke and Cullen must
Obey his foreign masters.(4)


So when the Great Dictators spoke,
Then Cullen cried hosanna!
Not with much skill, because he lacked
The "blandishment of manner."


With English arrogance alone
His heart and head inflating,
The mines, and Schuylkill County, he
Is fast depopulating. (6)
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The Freemen of the Keystone State (7)
Their indignation waxing
May serve him as the Yankees served
The Tea, John Bull was taxing.


The pounds of cure are not as good
As ounces of prevention;
Let Cullen then go hang himself
And bless us by suspension.


Or let the great McCalmont send,
And take away their poodle:
We want no foreign ours to bite
Those who sing Yankee Doodle.



1 - Published by John Marsh, Philadelphia

2 - Cover of the sheet music reads, "Sung by All True Americans"

3 - Reading Company

4 - This is about the period of 1857-60 when English stockholder McCalmont Brothers and Company (investment banking firm in London England) ruled the Reading Railroad with an iron fist, p.43, The President of the Reading Railroad, as it affects the coal regions, by F. A. Herwig, 1879. A clerk with that English firm, Richard D. Cullen, was sent from London England in 1851 to join the Reading Co., and became president in 1857 through 1860.

5 - John Bull or Johnny Bull was a national personification of England in political cartoons.

6 - This is a reference to the railroads backed by the banks, broke the individual coal mine operators, buying coal lands cheap, and used their power to bust the local miners unions.

7 - Pennsylvania