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Railroad Monopoly, song lyrics

Song: Railroad Monopoly
Lyrics: Reverend J. W. Carhart(1)

Music: Thomas Martin Towne
Year: 1873(2)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Farmer's haste defend your freedom,
Which the Railroads threaten now,
Leave your flocks and herds, ye free men,
Leave the mattock and the plow.

Break ye th' oppressors band,
And joining heart and hand,
Rid, rid our happy land of Railroad Monopoly.

What are all our homes and treasures
Which we've gained by sweat and toil?
What our farms with their broad acres
Waving fields and fertile soil?
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What to us the wealth of ages,
Nature stores in many 'a mine,
While against our rights as free men
Railroad men their wealth combine?


Why enslave our sons and daughters,
To advance the cruel wrong?
Break the oppresors bands of iron
Which have bound us now so long!


1 - Reverend J. W. Carhart, who is credited with making the first automobile in the USA.

2 - Published by H. N. Hemsted, 408, 410, and 412 Broadway, Milwaukee, Wisconson

3 - Long Steel Rail: The Railroad in American Folksong, by Norm Cohen and David Cohen, University of Illinois Press, 1981, p.20