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Petroleum, Petroleum (or "Oil upon the Brain"), song lyrics

Song: Petroleum, Petroleum (or "Oil upon the Brain")(1)
Lyrics: O.I.L. Wells(2)

Music: O.I.L. Wells
Year: 1865(3)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA

'Tis very strange but I declare,
    The world seems half insane.
The new disease, as all will swear,
    Is "oil upon the brain."
No one is met entirely ill,
    And yet the very sage.
Though well enough in body,
    Still make getting "well" the rage.

Petroleum, Petroleum,
Dear lubricating stuff.
My ease is sure if you will run,
For oil is well enough.

I saw a man whose garments "bore,"
    The marks of much free soil;
And yet he cared not what he wore,
    Beneath the stains was oil.
A pleasant sort of smile was on
    His face and in his eyes.
Although the well was going down
    The oil was sure to rise.
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His company was boring where
    The oil water ran;
It "augered" well, for it was there
    Petroleum began.
He bored his friends as well as land,
    And some, like pirates, swore
That he remained, though very bland,
    The great Artesian bore.
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"With them, he said," 'twas Optional
    To buy or not his stocks;
His Optional is full of oil,
    His pockets full of rocks.
His own investment safe had been,
    He does not care to sell,
Though everything goes ill with him
    His oil is going well.



1 - This is not the same song as Oil on the Brain copyrighted the same year.

2 - I have been unable to find the real name of "O.I.L. Wells"

3 - Published by John Church Jr., 66 West 4th Street, Cincinnati