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Pa Has Struck Ile, song lyrics

Song: Pa Has Struck Ile
Lyrics: C. Archer(1)(2)

Music: C. Archer
Year: 1865(1)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

I once was unknown by the happy and gay,
And the friends that I sought did all turn away;
Our dwelling was plain and simple our fare,
And nothing inviting of course could be there.
But now what a change! our house is so grand,
Not one is so fine through the whole land,
And we can now live in the very best style,
And it's simply because my "Pa has struck ile."
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Tis strange what attention a fortune does bring,
At home or abroad how friends to one cling;
And now even strangers are courtious and bland,
To pay their addresses or take by the hand.
When before, on a walk if a neighbor I'd meet,
Could was his look and quick his retreat,
But now in my carriage he greets with a smile,
And it's simply because my "Pa has struck ile."

And now if to church I happen to stray,
The Sexton is ready to show me the way,
Or if to a concert I fancy to go,
I find plenty there with smiles to bestow,
The work is no more a wilderness drear,
With none to caress and no one to cheer,
Whereever I am there is much to beguile,
And it's simply because my "Pa has struck ile."


1 - Transcribed from the sheet music published by Lee & Walker, 722 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

2 - Sorry we do not have any biographical information on who "C. Archer" was.

3 - C. Archer also wrote, Crazy On Oil, also in 1865.