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If Mister Boston Lawson Has His Way, song lyrics

Song: If Mister Boston Lawson has his way(1)
Lyrics: George M. Cohan(2)

Music: George M. Cohan
Year: 1905 (3)
Country: USA

There are men of mighty fame,
There are men who've made a name,
By accumulating millions by the score,
I could mention nine or ten
of these very wealthy men,
But it seens their money making day are o'er.
For a dear old pal they've nad,
Has turned literary mad,
And has told us of the little game they play
Ev'ry financier 'tis true,
has turned frenzied through and through,
Since the man from Massachusetts had his say.
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There won't be any millionaires,
or men of wealth untold;
There won't be any bucket shops(4)
to grab the Reuben's gold(5);
There won't be any stocks or bonds
in Wall street to be sold,
And the financiers will all go broke and grey.
Mister Carnegie(6) won't have so many libraries to spare,
Mister Rockefeller'll(7) stick right to his Sunday school and pray'r;
John L. Sullivan(8) will occupy the Presidential chair,
If Mister Boston Lawson has his way.

Through this great financial raid
And the millions he has made,
Until now his name has seldom passed our lips.
This sensation he has spread
causes us to go to bed,
With our money bag beneath our pillow slips;
He's not color blind, this true,
But makes Greene(9) look black and blue,
His "System's" all run down from what he's stood,
And he claims that all he'll write
Isn't written just for spite;
He says he writes for "Ev'rybody's" good.
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(Second CHORUS)
We'll all be just like Washington,
the truth will then be read;
The life insurance bus'ness
will be switched around 'tis said:
They'll pay us while we're living,
and we'll pay them while we're dead.
Russell Sage will spend a dollar ev'ry day.
The hunters down in Wall Street will be shooting bulls and bears,
The Knights of Labor they'll select our Governors and Mayors;
We'll all be playing benefits for poor old millionaires,
If Mister Boston Lawson has his way.


1 - Mr. Boston Lawson, is a reference to Thomas Willam Lawson, a Boston stock promoter and businessman. Thomas William Lawson joined with William Rockefeller and Henry Rogers to form the Amalgamated Copper Mining Company. He then wrote about all the corruption.

2 - George M. Cohan (1878 - 1942) biography from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

3 - Published by F. A. Mills, 48 W. 29th St. New York

4 - A bucket shop is a fraudulent business or stock scam.

5 - If you know of what "Reuben's gold" refers to or if you have any citations relevant to it, please let us know in an email. Thank you.

6 - Andrew Carnegie (1835 - 1919) biography from the History Channel

7 - John D. Rockefeller

8 - John L. Sullivan

9 - If you know of who "Greene" is or if you have any citations relevant to him, please let us know in an email. Thank you.