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I've Got the Profiteering Blues, song lyrics

Song: I've Got the Profiteering Blues
Lyrics: Al. Wilson

Music: Irving Bibo
Year: 1920
Country: USA

I'm feeling sad, I'm feeling bad,
I went to see my doctor today,
The doctor said, "Your trouble's gone to your head,
And you must take my advice right away.
I know just what's wrong with you,
Medicine will never do,
I've had a lot of patients with the same complaint."
When he told me what was wrong,
I thought that I would faint,
I've got the...
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Profiteering blues, I've got the profiteering blues,
High prices make me sick for, all my chothes are worn through,
I'll have to dress like Adam, but what else can I do,
I've got the profiteering blues, I can't afford to buy a pair of shoes,
Ev'ry time I get a raise I laugh with glee,
Then along come my landlord and takes if from me.
It seems the more I make the more they take,
I've got the profiteering blues, blues.
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Long, long ago, prices were low,
That is like a dream now to me,
A little pay, would go a very long way,
A loaf of bread now is a luxury,
I'm disgusted through and through,
Here's what I would like to do,
Just like Rip Van Winkle,
I would like to sleep,
Until the cost of living once again is cheap.


Do you remember when prices were low?
Oh, that seems so long long ago.
And gone are the days when free lunches went with beers,
Those memories just fill my eyes with tears.
Oh, where are the steaks that cost a quarter?
Nobody knows, Oh, nobody knows.
And where is the pure milk without the water,
Oh that was when we were so young Maggie,
When ten bucks a week was big pay.
But that pay today,
Don't go a very long way.
You'd be surprised,
Just take your girl to a show,
And how those ten bucks will go.
You'd be surprised,
Do you remember the suits with two pair of pants for fifteen bucks?
I'll say I do.
Now they're in luck if you get a suit without any pants for fifty bucks.
I'm right here too,
And thieves have stopped thieving to be landlords today,
'Cause they don't get arrested for stealing that way.
King Soloman had a thousand wives I've heard them say.
He'd have no chance to keep all those women today.
Believe me it's no joke,
We're all dead broke.
I've got the profiteering blues.


1 - Transcribed from the sheet music, published by Irving Berlin, Inc., Music Publishers, 1587 Broadway, New York City, NY.

2 - Little is known about Al. Wilson, other than a few other songs he wrote the lyrics to, such as: The Little Red Schoolhouse, and Happy-Go-Lucky Days.

3 - A list of songs Irving Bibo (1889 - 1962) had a hand in composing.