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Furniture Man, song lyrics

Song: Furniture Man
Lyrics: n/a

Music: n/a
Year: circa 1925
Country: USA

I hate to tell my hard-luck tale or either talk about my home.
All these souls in this strange land to have troubles of their own.
I thought I'd order me a lovely flat and I thought the furniture'd last fine.
I had two dollars a week to pay and the rest I got on time.

Well, I'd like to know what kind o' show
Has any man got with that furniture man.
You got no dough, you don't stand no show
'Til your house or your back are bare.
He'll take away your earthly goods
From a bed to a frying pan.
If the devil's ever born without any horns,
It is that furniture man.

Oh, mah Lindy Jane, she began to sing Good-bye Dolly Gray.
It was just then that those furniture men they carried my things away.
You played on my piano, and you danced upon my floor.
What was once considered just paradise is now a broken home.
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I thought I'd order me a lot of things to go right to my door.
And when I went to order them, you bet I got a load.
I got a big piano, some curtains and things. I got some bric-a-brac.
I had two dollars a week to pay or else he'd take them back.


1 - Recorded by Bill Chitwood & Bud Landress 1925, Brunswick 2884