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Famous Oil Firms, song lyrics

Song: Famous Oil Firms
Lyrics: n/a

Music: n/a
Year: 1865 (1)
Genre: Comic Ballad
Country: USA

(From the cover of the sheet music:)
"To Messrs. Swindle'em & Co.,Brokers and Dealers in Oil Stocks."
"A serio-comic Ballad,
During the singing of which, people are requested not to laugh
Words bored for near Oil Cree, by
Music composed and well greased so as to run smoothly, by

There's `Ketchum & Cheatum',
And `Lure em & Beatum',
And `Swindle um' all in a row;
Then `Coax em & Lead em,'
And `Leech em & Bleed em,'
And `Guzzle em Sink em & Co'
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Oh! oh!
Oily firms pay, in Pensylvani-i-a
Jest so.

There's `Gull em & Skinner,'
And `Gammon & Sinner;'
`R. Askal & Oily & Son.'
With `Sponge um & Fleece um,'
And `Strip em & Grease em,'
And `Take em in Brothers & Run.'


There's `Watch em & Nab em,'
And `Knock em & Grab em,'
And `Lather & Shave em well,' too;
There's `Force em & Tie em,'
And `Pump em & Dry em,'
And `Wheedle & Soap em in view.'
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There's `Pare em & Core em,'
And `Grind em & Bore em,'
And `Pinchum good, Scrape um & Friend,'
With `Done um & Brown um,'
And `Finish & Drown um,'
And thus I might go to the end.



1 - Published by Horace Waters, No. 481 Boradway, New York, 1865.

2 - Reprinted in the Titusville Herald, November 27, 1976, p.9

3 - Scientists & Swindlers, Consulting on Coal and Oil in America, 1820-1890, by Paul Lucier, 2008, Johns Hopkins University Press, p.248. ISBN-13: 978-0801890031