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Crazy On Oil, song lyrics

Song: Crazy On Oil
Lyrics: C. Archer(1)(2)

Music: C. Archer
Year: 1865(1)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

I was crazy on oil not a long time ago,
Till at last did my malady trouble me so;
I resolv'd on a scheme for some cash to command,
And then I skedaddled for Venango(3) oil land.
My hat was quite shabby and my clothes were much torn,
And my gen'ral appearance was very forlorn;
Yet determin'd was I upon borhing the soil,
And to trust to good luck for striking on oil.
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I examined the country a mile or two 'round,
And fancied I'd found the right kind of oil ground;
And then I did purchase an acre or more,
And made very quickly my arrangements to bore.
I bor'd very fast for I'd spent all my cash,
And I felt I must strike or go all to smash;
But the deeper I bored was the dryer the soil,
And it really seem'd I was crazy on oil.

When a hundred feet down and fifty below,
To my joy did I strike, and I found a good flow;
Then half of my well for a fortune I sold,
And resolv'd in my mind the balance to hold.
Then hip, hip, hurrah, just make a bold dash,
For there's nothing so clever as a plenty of cash;
Then a venture once make for you cannot well tell,
How soon you may strike on a flowing oil well.


1 - Transcribed from the sheetmusic published by Lee & Walker, 722 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

2 - Sorry we do not have any biographical information on who "C. Archer" was.

3 - Venango County, Pennsylvania, United States.

4 - C. Archer also wrote, Pa Has Struck Ile, also in 1865.