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Anti-Monopoly War Song, lyrics

Song: Anti-Monopoly War Song

Year: 1882(1)
Genre: March
Country: USA

(Tempo di Marcia, ie 120 beats per minute)

Lo! the car of Juggernaut,
Lo! the ruin it hath wrought,
As it moves o'er hill and dale
Riding on its iron rail,
Will you let the idol grim
Tear ye, brothers limb from limb?
And you breath of Freedom choke
With its clouds of poisoned smoke.
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(1st CHORUS:)
No! then onward to the fray,
Hurl the monster from your way,
Let your cry of battle be,
Death to all Monopoly!

Merchants! crushed beneath the weight
Of your contract-laden freight,
Fettered by each tyrant line
Of the craven bond you sign,
Farmer, ye who sow the plain
With its wealth of precious grain,
Yet must see your fruit of toil
Be the Rail-Roads robber spoil.

(2nd, 3rd and 4th CHORUS:)
Onward! onward to the fray!
Hurl the monster from your way,
Let your cry of battle be
Ruin to Monopoly!

Citizens of all degrees,
Victims of vile subsidies(3),
Ye, who basest burdens bear
Of unjust unlawful fare,
Cast the loads from off your backs,
Tear the tyrants from his tracks,
Let elections glorious morn,
show your moving might of scorn.
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Cast your votes for honest men;
Trust no wily tongue or pen
Should the rail-road hireling dare
Offer smile and promise fair,
Tell him you have had enough
Of the Engine's poison puff
And send him to oblivion's vale
Riding on his Master's Rail.



1 - The sheet music cover says "composed for The Anti-Monopoly Party of California", "dedicated to R. J. Harrison", copyrighted 1882, by R. J. Harrison.

2 - Here is a tiny bit about Anti-Monopoly parties in the USA in the late 19th century.

3 - Here is a summary of the cash subsidies and large land grants provided by government to the private railway companies Railroads Change American Life