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All Are After Money So 'Tis Money After All, song lyrics

Song: All Are After Money, so 'tis Money After All
Lyrics: J. L. Orr(1)(2)

Music: J. Calvin Bushey(1)(3)
Year: 1878(1)
Country: USA

There are men of all professions,
Whom we meet with every day,
Let our lives be spent in business or
In pleasure ss they may,
Who profess a creed in public,
Which they practice not at all,
For they all are after money,
So 'tis money after all.

'Tis money after all,
'Tis money after all,
For they all are after money,
'Tis money after all.

The doctor in his office,
Sits amongst his drugs and pills,
And deal his poison doses out,
To cure the people's ills,
He says he loves to give relief,
To suff'ring ones who call,
But he loves to get their money,
So 'tis money after all.
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The lawyer hangs his shingle out,
And asks the public in,
He promises to right their wrongs,
Their cases all to win,
He says he labors for the good,
Of people one and all,
But he charges forty prices,
So 'tis money after all.


The office seeker raves about,
Reform from morn till night,
And says if he elected be,
He'll legislate for right,
But when he gets to Congress,
He's the grandest rogue of all,
And he gobbles up our money,
So 'tis money after all.
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Thus in one common class they're group'd,
As by our song you see,
No matter what creed they profess,
Or what their station be,
The merchants, doctors, preachers,
lawyers, Congressmen and all,
They all are after money,
So 'tis money after all.



1 - Transcribed from the score published by Willis Woodward & Company, 842 & 844 Broadway, New York, NY, USA.

2 - Sorry we have no biographical information on J. L. Orr. If you do, we would very much appreciate it if you would go to the About page in the top menu and send us an e-mail. Thank you.

3 - J. Calvin Bushey, born 1847, Arendtsville, Pennsylvania; and died, 1929, in Peoria, Illinois.