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The Death of Osceola, song lyrics

Song: The Death of Osceola(1)
Lyrics: S. S. Steele(2)(3)

Music: B. F. Baker(2)(4)
Year: 1847(2)
Genre: Glee (in four voices)
Country: USA

Oh, bring me arrow'd raven,
That I may send his plume,
To tell my hunted nation
Their fallen chieftain's doom.
The panther of the pale face
Has lured me to his lair,
And the heart his fangs could never find,
Is breaking in his snare.
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I led my braves to battle
Against the white man's power,
He felt our arrows rattle
In conflicts 'gory hour;
He came with knives and thunder
I dug his sons a grave,
He came with words of falsehood,
And now I am a slave.

He sent a signal banner,
White as the young snow fleece,
It spoke his pledge of honor
To light the pipe of peace;
We took his hand like brothers,
But chains were in his clasp,
And now my wrong'd soul smothers
Within his iron grasp.
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Emusas woods of flowers
Now bear my death song far,
To those blest spirit bowers
Where sinks day's golden star;
Ghosts of my mighty sires
I seek your last free shore
Where the white man's deathly fires
can never hunt me more.


1 - Osceola (1804 - 1838), (Billy Powell) and the story of the forced Indian removal from Florida, plus A Seminole Warrior Cloaked in Defiance, from the Smithsonian Institute Magazine, October 2010.

2 - Transcribed from the sheet music published by Henry Tolman, 54 & 56 Court St., Boston, Mass., USA.

3 - Sorry, although there are numerous songs by S.S. Steele, we do not have any biographical information on them. If you do, we would appreciate it if you would let us know. Thank you.

4 - Benjamin Franklin Baker (1811 - 1889) biography.