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Historical, Social Justice & Human Rights Songs

The purpose of this website is to make available, (as the pages get coded), song lyrics for students, teachers, historians, labour unions, activists or anybody with an interest in the history of social movements' protest songs, their origins and their uses in various political, human rights and social justice movements. While some issues have been resolved, like the right of women to vote in western nations, it wasn't without long and hard struggles. One additional purpose of this website is to illustrate, that though times may change along with technologies, human nature and most human rights issues remain mostly the same throughout history.

These song lyrics are historical information posted in fair use, for academic research, study, review, and for critical analysis purposes.

As a teacher, instructor or professor, should your school, college or university need protest songs added to a particular category to create or fit into a course outline, curriculum or lesson plan, please let us know.

These protest songs have been transcribed from 80 rpm Edison Cylinders, 78 rpm records, and from sheet music over a number of years, including from my own record collection.

Additional content, as to historical references and other relevant content will be added over time. Your contributions are welcome; Please click on the "About" page from the above menu to e-mail me with any historical details and citations you would like to suggest and recommend.

A special note to the couple of people who complained about there being no menu: there is one, but it is being blocked by your ad blocker program. You can always access all the song categories at Song Categories or all the songs by date at Songs About Social Issues. To answer two specific questions, here are the Songs About Racism and here are the Happy Days Are Here Again lyrics.

Sorry, at this time there is no blog to discuss these protest songs for a number of reasons:

  1. Students should be doing their own analysis from their perspectives, but in the context of the times in which they were written, rather than being led by others' interpretations of these song lyrics;

  2. To avoid spammers, trolls and those who want to sell products or solicit donations (as I have already experienced).

I hope you enjoy these human rights songs and lyrics, and that you find this musical collection intellectually stimulating and interesting.